My cholestrol levels tested 4.2mmols. is this ok?

Answer Having very low cholesterol levels (below 4.2 mmol/L or 160 mg/dL) is called hypocholesterolemia - the presence of abnormally low levels of cholesterol in the blood. Below 4.2mmol/L cannot be cons... Read More »

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How can we check our cholestrol levels?

Fasting lipid blood test. It usually shows Total serum cholesterol HDL (Good)LDL (Bad)TriglyceridesVLDL (Very low density lipoprotein)

Elevated esr and Cholestrol levels are a bit of concern to me. what I should do?

A sed rate (ESR) is a very nonspecific test. It can be elevated by many, many things. Many of us in the lab wonder why doctors still order it, then we realize it is still being taught in med scho... Read More »

My husband was tested for hiv on november, should i get tested?

Yes. One way to think about this question (and many other health questions) is this way: "If I have the disease, what are the risks to me and/or others if I don't know?" For certain diseases, the... Read More »

What are some foods that can lower cholestrol?

There are many foods that can lower cholesterol. While selecting these foods, it is important to consider your diet as a whole, maintaining a healthy balance that will still allow you to optimize y... Read More »