My chiropractor wants me to go 3 times a week is it too much?

Answer if you feel fine, you should stop going. the only reason he wants you going 3 times a week is because it's more money in his pocket. cancel your future appointments and don't show up, it's a simp... Read More »

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I went to the chiropractor and he recommended going 3 times a week for a year- is this necessary or a scam?

When I first started going to a chiropractor, she recommended that I come in for adjustments 3 times a week. HOWEVER, she said this was only necessary for three to four WEEKS, not a year. I actuall... Read More »

How much weight can you lose by jump roping 100 times each 5 days a week?

Exactly 4 lbs. All other answers were entirely made up.

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any time u want u just got to be really smart to get on there twice

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