My chest hurts so bad?

Answer Tight back muscles can press into the nerves going around your body to send pains into the rib, chest or heart areas. Pressure on the nerves going to the chest itself will cause them to tighten up... Read More »

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My mom's chest hurts.what does that mean?

No offence but I can't believe you asked such a question on the internet. You shouldn't turn to this forum for such a problem you mum needs to get an expert opinion straight away. Chest pains sho... Read More »

What does it mean if your chest hurts?

Red spot on my chest and it hurts?

Why anxiety? Just make an appointment with an dermatologist and get it checked. Most probably it might be an ingrown hair, big pimple or maybe a small infection, so nothing really to worry at all.H... Read More »

Left side of my chest hurts...why?

ok.... I've always been weird about my heart... Sometimes it skips beats and my chest hurts, and I've went to the hospital about it!! There are several things that it could be. THE MOST common thin... Read More »