My chest bone keeps cracking why?

Answer It would be a good idea to get to a doctor as that would be the only way to be sure what's happening. Generally, the chest bone or sternum shouldn't be cracking at all. Though there are some "joi... Read More »

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Ankle keeps popping/cracking?

Make sure you use good arch supports and good supportive shoes. You don't want trouble with those ligaments and tendons. The popping usually means the joint is irritated. If you don't take good car... Read More »

My tv keeps making cracking sounds?

Your speakers are about to blow out. They need to be cleaned and possibly replaced. Call Sears or your local repairshop. In the meantime, lower the treble/bass or volume if your tv doesn't have the... Read More »

My monitor has a small crack in it, its 10 years old it keeps going out, and maknig hissing/cracking sounds?

If the screen is cracked (not the casing) then stop using and dispose of it carefully. The hissing and crackling (not cracking right?) sound is coming from the high voltage connectors. Because of t... Read More »

Weird bumps on my chest and collar bone after working out.?

It might go away, it could be due to your sweating that this is coming, like an heat rash and most probably at the end of the day it went away..