My cervix hurts after sex?

Answer He entered to far and hit your cervix too hard too many times. Tell him to not go so deep. If he is hitting your cervix it is going to hurt. He needs to be more gentle

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How long do you bleed after a cervix exam?

Unless you're on your period, you shouldn't bleed at all following a pelvic exam/pap smear. Go back to your Doctor.

My ankle still hurts after 2/3 years after sprain.?

You can get rid of this pain in your ankle by physiotherapeutic exercises. You need to get it X-rayed to assess how injured it is, and if surgery is a possible option of treatment.

If your 12dpo with soft cervix n cervix looks a little blue and is open and egg white fluid are you pregnant?

Answer Unfortunately only a blood test can answer this accurately at this stage. Your cervix will be soft and open during vaginal discharge and you may be pregnant.Although I can't really improve o... Read More »

Can your cervix close after dilation if contractions stop for weeks?