My cell phone screen just went completely black and wot turn on what happened?

Answer Here are some things that might of happened1. Screen got wet2. Phone needs charging3. Who ever pays the bill canceled your phone4. No signal5. Phone is Locked6. Phone fell7. Need a new phone -----... Read More »

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Ok, so one day i turn on my computer and the screen is completely black! Any ideas on what it is?

Its crashed. that happened to the family computer once. we tried turning it off and on a few times then it went into a cold start. we were having our kitchen redone and discovered dat some dust had... Read More »

Why is the lcd screen on your digital camera completely black.never like this before The camera works but can't produce an image on screen?

Answer From what I can understand, if the camera is sill able take pictures but is not displaying any thing on the LCD, then it is a problem with the LCD or LCD cable connecting to rest of the came... Read More »

My gateway nv53 wont turn on properly. i turn it on and there is a black screen. MORE INFO BELOW?

It's hard to say with the limited info provided, but I know that's all you've got to provide. The fan on some computers may only come on for a short few seconds then power off until it needs to coo... Read More »

How do i charge a completely dead cell phone?

A phone does not need to be on to charge. Most phones will have an indicator light while it's charging. If yours has one, but doesn't light up while it's charging, than a dead battery isn't your ... Read More »