My cd-rw drive cannot open! H E L P!!!?

Answer OK so there is a hole on the front of most disc drives. And it is big enough to fit the tip of a paper clip in there. Like this picture...…The hole is in d... Read More »

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You cannot open your iPhone how can you open it?

first off.. Did you have a passcode on it? if so go on Itunes and restart it. WARNING! -it may delete all you're memory. but if you don't want that to happen i wouldn't restore it.

Win XP can see the drive but cannot assign a drive letter?

OK. Your HDD master boot record is corrupt, secure operating system's like windows XP and vista won't work. To fix it insert windows XP CD-ROM and start recovery console, type there the drive 'fixm... Read More »

Cannot open c:\ .vbs?

It may be due to virus also, Try to scan with some good antivirus features and find out!

Why Photoshop CS5 cannot open RAW files?

PS CS5 can easily open RAW images but you have to install an extra piece of software first called "Camera Raw".For Mac:…For PC: Read More »