My cd-rw drive cannot open! H E L P!!!?

Answer OK so there is a hole on the front of most disc drives. And it is big enough to fit the tip of a paper clip in there. Like this picture...…The hole is in d... Read More »

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A dvd got stuck in my dvd-rw drive and now the drive won't open and i can't get the disc out.?

Theres a hole on the front of the drive. Stick something in it

How do I get a CD out of my drive if the drive won't manually open?

If there is a pin hole simply use a paper clip and insert. A little force might be needed to pop it open.No pin hole?Open the side panel while computer is off.detach the SATA or IDE cable from the ... Read More »

How do i open my cd rom drive?

Open My Computer, right-click on the drive's icon and choose Eject from the pop-up menu.

I can't open my flash drive?

That means it's corrupt because you probably never use the "Safely Remove" option and prefer to unplug it right away :PAll your files are gone.This is sad but it's a fact.You have to right click on... Read More »