My cartliage is bad in my knee i had it removed,can it be replaced?

Answer Hi there, In case of tearing or damage of knee cartilage, with Arthroscopy it can be repaired. It may not be always essential that knee is damaged to that extent where there is a need of replacemen... Read More »

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Will social security benefits stop if the knee is replaced?

Are you still disabled?Not if you are at full retirement, but if you are on disability SS, you may lose benefits if you are no longer disabled.

I have knee pain woke up and it is painful to extend the knee(only one knee) or bend it in a lot. what is up?

I would suspect you have a weak kidney. The knees can become weak due to this kidney issue. Being in sports and exerting yourself, especially hockey where you are in cold weather, you are not as ... Read More »

I had my laptops fan replaced.Now the new fan is making noises.Is there a way to know if the fan was replaced?

Hi Khizar,If you could determine that the sound is coming from the fan and the hardware part is already replaced, I would suggest you to update the BIOS from the manufacturer’s website.Note: Plug... Read More »

My a/c was replaced in 2007 should it be replaced again?

If a unit is installed properly they should last 20 to 25 years. $600 for freon is a little steep I sell it for $24 a pound. Did they repair the leak or just add freon? It sounds like you need to f... Read More »