My car has a cassette tape player. can i buy something to use my ipod?


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Would it be alright to restore a cassette tape by placing scotch tape in between?

Yeah, you can do that. I used to have a government job working with those large tape reels, and we were taught to splice the tape that way. Just line up both sides of the tape, cut it at a 45 deg... Read More »

What is a cassette tape?

A cassette tape consists of a plastic casing that houses two reels for supply and take-up. During playback, the supply side feeds tape through the cassette deck's transport, producing sound, while ... Read More »

How Can I Put a Cassette Tape Onto a CD?

Transferring audio information from a cassette tape to a CD used to be a complex process that required expensive equipment, and the task was generally relegated to duplication houses and profession... Read More »

How to Care For a Cassette Tape?

Compact Cassette Tapes were introduced in the U.S. in 1964 (prerecorded Music Cassettes in 1966). Simple care can avoid many problems and keep your Tapes playing for many, many years.