My camera software "Cannot get device information" from my camera?

Answer There seems to be some kind of communication error which can be anything from a bad USB port on either end (camera or computer) or the USB cord itself.Rather than go through the frustration of trou... Read More »

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You install the software bundled with your digital camera but the software does not recognize the camera is present what do you do next?

Access BIOS setup and verify that the serial port is enabled.

My webcam doesnt work on msn when i go on it it says We couldn't start your camera device Please check that your camera is not currently in use by another program and then try again but it isn't?

i have the same problem and its so annoying :@ but idk what to do to fix it, ive tried everything.

Where can you download software for a Vivitar Vivicam 10 camera as the disc that came with camera is cracked?

Try this link ERROR 404 LINK : A New One.

My digital camera software is not detecting the camera?

A digital camera is detected the same way as a flash card. It should show up as a device in My Computer under the heading Scanners and Cameras. If you can get that far and no further, check to see ... Read More »