My camera says card error?

Answer You're thinking the right thing. The internal memory must need formatting. Have you tried inserting a card and seeing what happens. Does the menu allow you to format the internal memory when you ha... Read More »

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When I put my SD card in my camera it says CARD ERROR is there anyway to salvage my pictures?

you should buy another card for your camera

How do i fix my E-500 Olympus camera, when it says card error?

if the camera has been sitting unused for a while you may want to take the card out and blow into the compartment to free any kind of dust or debris, good luck.

My camera says memory card error, what should i do?

Try taking your memory card to Walmart or Costco to save any pics that are on the card. Then maybe you can reformat the card to get it working again without losing your pictures.

If a camera says Card Error and it won't let you take pictures or record how do you fix it?

There are several possible causes for "memory card locked", "memory card error", or "no memory card". Some include trying to use of a 4GB SDHC card with an older camera made before SDHC format came... Read More »