My brother shaved my head while i was sleeping?

Answer How old is your brother? That was really immature of him. You should beat him up for doing that. But as for what to do when u go into public, try wearing a wig.

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How to Select Head Cover for a Shaved Head?

Selecting head covering for a shaved head is strictly a matter of personal taste. If you are a biker, you might want to wear a skull cap. If you are a woman who lost her hair to chemotherapy, youâ€... Read More »

How do you make your brother's girlfriend to stop sleeping on your bed and eating your food if you already told your brother?

Well honestly, you just need to tell her to get the heck out of your bed. That's not cool. She should sleep in your brother's bed or on the couch! feed her moldy food, or something equally as repu... Read More »

Can i pull off a shaved head pic?

Please help, my mom shaved my head bald!?

that is abuse. you should tell your school guidance counselor what your mother has done to you. you obviously don't know what abuse means so you have probably been abused more than once. your mom i... Read More »