My brother keeps downloading music! what should i do?

Answer ask him to use a usb

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Why should downloading music be treated as a crime?

Downloading music should be treated as a crime because it has damaging effects on artists, songwriters and others involved in the creative process. Music piracy online is the equivalent of walking ... Read More »

Are BitTorrents and LimeWire legal for downloading music or should you stick with iTunes and Napster?

Here is some info that is most likely said in the other three answers below.Answer from the most popular Limewire question in this category√ā¬†LimeWire: Legal or IllegalLimeWire and other file-sharin... Read More »

What are the dangers of downloading music?

Just because it's free and easy to download a Michael Jackson song on a file-sharing network, it's not necessarily a safe choice. Downloading music illegally poses both legal and computer virus thr... Read More »

What is the definition of downloading music?

The process of acquiring a song from an Internet source and placing it in your personal computer is the definition of "downloading music." There are legal and illegal ways to download music, but th... Read More »