My brother is smoking pot?

Answer probably

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What to do about my brother smoking?

YOU can't make him stop, nor can your parents. All you can do is express your concern, and let him know that the longer he smokes the harder it is to quit. Trust me, I started smoking at his age... Read More »

Would my brother-in-law's brother also be considered my brother-in-law?

One answer: No. William and Alice are married. William and Carol are siblings. Alice and Frank are siblings. Carol is Alice's sister in law. Frank is William's brother in law. Carol and Frank are... Read More »

When a man's brother died is the envelope addressed to the surviving brother or surviving brother and wife?

Would your brother-in-law's brother also be considered your brother-in-law?

There are two ways you can have a brother-in-law. The brother of your spouse is your brother-in-law and the husband of your sister is your brother-in-law. If the husband of your sister has a brothe... Read More »