My brother is mean what do i do?

Answer If your brother makes fun of you, either laugh or ignore. His goal is to make you angry, he wants you to be angry and yell. If you yell or show action he will do more and laugh and get happier. I h... Read More »

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What does it mean when a boyfriend calls his girlfriend's brother his brother in law?

The plural form of "brother-in-law" is "brothers-in-law". Awkwardly enough, the plural possessive of "brother-in-law" is "brothers-in-law's".Consider these examples:I have four brothers-in-law.Anne... Read More »

What do you do if your brother gets mean?

It very much depends on the behaviour displayed. If, for example, he insults or otherwise verbally abuses you, you can at first ask him politely to stop. Most of the time, if you respond in the sa... Read More »

I'm 8 and my brother is fourteen he is mean what should I do?

What does brother-in-law mean in Gujarati?