My brother is looking up some questionable stuff online?

Answer He's ten. You don't make negotiations with a ten year old. Do what's best for him and tell your parents. Some kinky stuff comes up on the internet.

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I have had enough of my brother He is 6 years younger than me he seals my stuff and is always mean he gets on my nerves What should I do?

well, depending on how old you are, you should tell him nicely everytime he steals your stuff or gets on your nerves to please stop, or you should go to another room--if he doesnt listen to you, th... Read More »

My brother died and i have his laptop how can i work his password out dont want to lose his stuff?

Just starting thinking of what he may have used his password as, important dates, people in his life and so on.

Can you buy stuff online with checks?

Yes, you can pay by check on some websites. Usually you must provide your bank account information, include your account number and bank routing number. Other times, you are allowed to mail in a ch... Read More »

You HATE your older brother and he is 15 He always calls you names like a prick or he physically hurts you by punching you and he steals your money and uses your stuff and more What should you do?

Tell your parents what he does and how you feel about it.