My brother found out the sites i visited ........?

Answer Actually if you search through your computer itself, you can view it. There are also certain programs that work quicker as to finding what you viewed. You just deleted it off the internet base, not... Read More »

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How do i erase the sites i visited from showing .i need to hide the porno sites visited .internet explorer?

Well. Maybe you should stop using other people's computers for your... dirty deeds? First Clear the History you can do that by going to Tools at the top of the tool bar above the address bar. Cl... Read More »

How Do I Find All the Visited Sites on a Computer?

Turn your computer on, and launch your web browser. Press the keyboard shortcut of "Ctrl" and "H." A detailed history of the sites visited should

How do I delete the history of visited sites?

Internet ExplorerOpen Internet Explorer. Click on the "Tools" menu then click on "Internet Options." Select "Delete" under "Browsing History" and choose which objects you would like to delete. Be s... Read More »

Is there a way to clear recent web sites visited?

it takes more than just clearing history which is what most people think is the solutiondo the following and you will have no worriesopen your browser click tools up topclick internet optionsclick ... Read More »