My brother cut me on my nose and it looks really bad+ i got school tommrow?

Answer Jeez is your brother psycho, you have to go to school kid.

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I have mine as well and i didnt think it hurt that bad but thats just me but you could bite on a towel or a jacket sleeve since those are soft things hope this helps a little. :)

What if your mother quit claimed her house to her self your brother and his wife under threats that your brother would leave your mom and not help her anymorebut your brother died and your sister in l?

If your great grandmother was his great aunt you and he are second cousins, once removed.

Is it okay for me to take my nose stud out during school hours?

Yeah you could, just remember you'll have a visible scar in school :/ (the empty hole). Also its been a month, so the hole won't close up unless you remember to put it back in daily after school an... Read More »

How to Fake a Nose Bleed in School?

You have a test in a few days, and you don't want to take it. Instead of waiting until the last minute to fake sick and get out of school, try using a nosebleed to get out of taking a test. This is... Read More »