My brother changed the password for the admin and locked everyone out?

Answer This will help you;Forgotten or lost passwords…SG

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My son uses one yahoo sub act . he changed the password and now i cant check up on him.password help?

You could install a security program such as a keylogger, although at 14 am sure he could easily find out about it then you'd have to deal with more issues of invading his privacy.Although I'm not ... Read More »

I forgot my admin password?

No password = You're #%&*(!Your only hope is to reconfigure the laptop. Use the system recovery mode to do that. Unless you stole somebody's laptop and now trying to get access to it, then you're a... Read More »

How to Change an Admin Password on a Mac?

Here you can find out how to change the admin password!

How do I change an admin password?

Select the Start menu and then choose "Control Panel" from the window that appears. In Vista (or newer) versions, the Start menu looks like a Windows logo. The Start menu is usually located in the ... Read More »