My brightness won't turn up on laptop HELP!?

Answer My computer is different compare to yours but I had the same problem. Its better to save everthing and restart it or put on to sleep and turn it back on.

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Laptop wont turn on?

Remove the battery, then use the AC by itself and see what happens.

Help me!! my computer wont turn on!!?

check your motherboard manual. Those beeps are usually telling you that you're missing either memory(perhaps yours aren't seated correctly or in the right banks), CPU not seated properly(a bit less... Read More »

My monitor wont turn on..can you help me?

Could be the power inverter (most likely). This is inside the monitor. It is normally about three inches long and half an inch wide- they can cost as little as £10 to buy but I don't know if you a... Read More »

Ipod wont turn on Help!?

okay try plugging it in to the computer...hold the lock buttion and home button at the same time for 10 seconds then after that continue to hold the home button down for at least 10 more sec just t... Read More »