My breath smells really bad help please.?

Answer This is definitly not they problem. Some helpfull myths about breath: Bad breath can be avoided by brushing and flossing regularly. True. This is a very simple yet very effective way to get rid of ... Read More »

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Please help with really bad breath?

Besides brushing your teeth twice a day.After breakfast and before you asleep.You should floss at least once every day.Buy some peppermint gum or spearmint gum.Also use mouth wash and make sure you... Read More »

My breath really smells.?

It could be something that you're eating, bread, rice, whole grains...etc.. or it could mean that you might have a tape worm. That's what happened to my fiance, He brushes his teeth every day and s... Read More »

My 2 year old daughter's breath smells horrible when she gets up, brushing don't help What else can be done!?

the fundamental cause of bad breath for most people is the whitish coating that covers the surface of the posterior portion of their tongue. More accurately, bad breath is caused by the bacteria th... Read More »

My moms room smells really bad! help?

The source of your mother's room odor is NOT because she chooses to masturbate a lot. By the way, how do you know? Does she actually make noises when she orgasms? If so, this is totally unaccepta... Read More »