My breath has started to smell real bad lately....?

Answer you should have it checked out, I went to the dentist when I had bad breath (I was only 18 )and it was gum disease, I had to go to a periodontist to get my gums cleaned.they also say you should bru... Read More »

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I smoke and lately I've been coughing alot in the morning and more out of breath, is this normal?

common sense should tell you thats normal, not yahoo answers.


You might have chronic halitosis, which has many possible causes. Make sure you brush your tongue when you brush your teeth, and you can try using mouthwash after you brush your teeth. Keep your fl... Read More »

Why does a cat's breath smell so bad?

Bad breath is often a sign of a health problem in people. Cats are no different. If your cat has bad breath, or halitosis, it can be a sign of one of many different health conditions and concerns.G... Read More »

How can i hide the smell of alcohol on my breath?

Sorry their really are none. They think there are some, but then they busted them on an episode of Mythbusters. (That was with a brethalizor) So if your parents dont have one juse have alot of ment... Read More »