My brand new hp f2210 printer doesnt recognise the 58 photo ink?

Answer Hi DeadReplace the cartridge. HP printers are very very reliable when you install cartridges time and time again and it it cannot recognize it, bring it back to where you purchased it.

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Trying to scan a photo, but my computer doesnt see the printer?

odds are pretty good that you wont be able to do what you describe. printing is one thing. depending on the scanner, their may be a twain driver available for you to share and connect to the scanne... Read More »

Anyone know about which brand printer is good for photo printing?

I am planning to buy a printer for my ho9me use to print photos Which brand has good quality photo printers.?

i have a canon pixma, its best photo printer

'Control Panel' on my PC does not recognise that I have a printer connected.?

Go to Start > Run > type "NET STOP SPOOLER" > press enterGo to Start > Run > type "NET START SPOOLER" > press enterThis resets the printing spool, if the printer still doesn't show up on control pa... Read More »