My boyfriends having probelms?

Answer He is going through a lot right now, and he probably feels like he's sinking further down. I suggest you just give him a lot of support try and help him with school studies. See if maybe his teache... Read More »

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My Ipod is having syncing probelms?

NOOOOO do not delete.... hold onEDIT - i don't know which one you have, is it new or just started acting up but i have an old mini & was having problems. click this link & follow your ipod to your... Read More »

How to Have Two Boyfriends at Once?

Well, you love Trey on the football team, right? You'd love to go out with him, but the problem is, you adore Travis who eats lunch with you and is always there to help you out. Nobody is going to ... Read More »


Good boyfriends: trustworthy, kind, treat you well, nice, beyond that, whoever catches your eye.Guys traditionally make the first move, but this is the 21st century. We can vote now. And make the f... Read More »

How do you tell parents about boyfriends?

most of the time idon't tell my parentscause idk how theyregunna react!!!!!!so its kinda your callbut if u do decide to tell themsay there is this guy that likes meand i like him back and he askedm... Read More »