My boyfriend used to drink too many energy drinks.. is he okay?

Answer He is lucky.It is good that he quit drinking them, he should be OK now.What makes energy drinks bad?12 spoons of sugar... that's bad 200 calories... bad Guarana... tisk tisk Good for a short jitter... Read More »

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What happens if you drink to many energy drinks?

It is bad for you, but it won't kill you. If you have like 1-2 a day that'll be fine, it's the caffeine that does you the most damage. :)

Can u mix energy drinks and coffee together and drink it?

Be careful mixing energy drinks with coffee or alcohol as it could make any existing medical condition worse or you could get dehydrated. So take particular care when at pubs or parties. Drink lots... Read More »

I never drink energy drinks but I just drank one and now..?

Wait it out. I never drink them either when I do I feel the same.

Is it bad to drink Monster/Energy drinks every day for just 1 week?