My boyfriend smokes really bad and drinks vodka every day. can he have kids still?

Answer Technically he could - Realistically and morally he shouldn't - not until he sorts his habits out !!!

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My best drinks and smokes she only 12?

12? ...I don't know if you can help her, Seeing as her own mom buys these things for her, Your friend is probably around bad influences for friends, Just talk to her about it, and tell her you're n... Read More »

My boyfriend smokes pot but I am not a fan?

You have a couple of options.1. Accept the fact that he smokes and will continue to do so. If you accept that..and the friends that come along with the package. As well as the money he is spending... Read More »

My boyfriend smokes weed...?

well how old is he? if you guys are still young it's something that he very possibly will grow out of. but keep in mind, if you're a teenager it really doesn't matter. it's very rare for relationsh... Read More »


Since you are long distance he might have been slowly drifting away from you, this happened when I had a long distance relationship. He is probably spending more time with his friends so they are a... Read More »