My boyfriend says im fat. I am 5'7 and 102lbs. Should I lose weight?

Answer You're probably underweight. Your boyfriend is a jerk.

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How can I lose my fat My doctor says I am an unhealthy weight.?

HiThats a great goal but don't lose too fast or you might put it back on heres a few tips breakfast is the most important meal of the day have a good breakfast like porridge filling low fat and sta... Read More »

How to Ask Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend to Lose Weight?

Is your girlfriend or boyfriend a bit overweight, and you want to ask them if they can lose any of it, without hurting their feelings? If so, keep on reading! Don't hurt feelings!

My boyfriend thinks i need to lose weight. Help!?

Lose weight then dump him for being shallow

What should your weight be if you're 11 years old and 5'2'' and weigh 136 lbs and want to lose weight really bad?

work out 4 like an hour or 30 minutes a day do this 4 a week or 2 and thoes lbs will shed off I think you should do lots of exercise, but make sure you do a variety of things. like for the first da... Read More »