My boyfriend is getting his wisdom teeth out tomorrow, what can I expect?

Answer His mouth might swell a little and he will be in pain. It does suck and hes gonna want something soft to eat the next day or two.Good luck, much love.

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I'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow. What can I expect when I wake up?

As long as you have a prescription pain killer for the after shock (I had a prescribed med, forget which one, since I'm sensitive to pain), you'll be fine otherwise. I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth ... Read More »

Nervous about getting wisdom teeth out what to expect?

Be prepared! It doesn't feel good! I literally ate popcicles and ice cream the whole time I was in pain which lasted a good two days. Eat lots of ice, it helps soothe the pain. Just get plenty of s... Read More »

Getting 5 wisdom teeth removed and my canine moved slighty. what to expect?

A little info I think should be considered about this drug Versed ( Midazolam ) that is used for Sedation for many medical procedures..Sedation and General Anesthesia are not the same and quite a f... Read More »

I am getting my impacted wisdom teeth pulled on the 24th. What should I expect?

Before... you'll be nervous as hell, during, you'll be fine, just tense.. and after... you'll drool all over yourself, swollow some blood (but this will be ok).. and your face will swell up like a ... Read More »