My boyfriend is getting his wisdom teeth out tomorrow, what can I expect?

Answer His mouth might swell a little and he will be in pain. It does suck and hes gonna want something soft to eat the next day or two.Good luck, much love.

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I'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow. What can I expect when I wake up?

As long as you have a prescription pain killer for the after shock (I had a prescribed med, forget which one, since I'm sensitive to pain), you'll be fine otherwise. I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth ... Read More »

What can you expect if you're having an impacted lower wisdom tooth out tomorrow and the doctor prescribed vicodin?

Answer You can expect short-term pain but in the long run, you will feel better with the tooth out!Vicodin is addictive. Do without it as much as you can. It also causes severe constipation. ~ T... Read More »

What to expect with wisdom teeth recovery?

First question. Did you have General or Local anesthetic (i.e. were you knocked out completely or just had a shot but you were awake?) If you had general anesthetic, expect a bit of grogginess/sl... Read More »

Nervous about getting wisdom teeth out what to expect?

Be prepared! It doesn't feel good! I literally ate popcicles and ice cream the whole time I was in pain which lasted a good two days. Eat lots of ice, it helps soothe the pain. Just get plenty of s... Read More »