My boyfriend is doubled over in pain?

Answer He really needs to go get a Xray/MRI. There could be some irreversable damage by now and to prevent further damage he needs professional treatment. You can't do anything at home except medicate t... Read More »

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My boyfriend got stitches and the bill has doubled?

It sounds like the doc's double billing, refer this to the insurance company.

Should I worry lymph node doubled in size over one night?

yes, by biting lymph node the size increased automatically.Prudent to see a general surgeon for permanent cure.

Why does a smoker after a very severe coughing fit where he doubled over, light up a cigarette 1st thing?

Pfft! After the stress of going through all of that, one needs a ciggie to calm oneself down....Don't you know anything? :P

You are getting HCG Beta blood tests done to test your hormone levels should you be concerned if they haven't doubled over a two day period?

Answer No, because every woman is different and they might not double exactly ever 2 days but as long as they are rising you should be fine.