My boyfriend is a Head chef and I want to cook for can I impress him?

Answer You can cook me anything you like baby, I like all food and its always nice to be on the receiving end of a meal. after sending out so many. Can I pick what outfit you cook it in though and also yo... Read More »

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I want to cook my boyfriend a really nice meal on Friday night what should i cook?

steak always goes down good, mayb wit new pots.

I want to cook a 2 course meal for my boyfriend tomorrow (main and dessert); got any good recipes/ideas?

How about cooking some plain/ brown rice and serving it with prawns in cream cheese sauce. Fro the prawns, chop a few cloves of garlic and sauté them in olive oil. Just as they start changing colo... Read More »

Easy meal to cook yo impress a girl.?

try a pasta dish. they are usually pretty easy. you can buy pre-stuffed pasta @ trader joes, and just buy an bottle of alfredo sauce it will take about 20 min to heat up everything, serve w/a small... Read More »

How to Become a Cook or a Chef?

A career as a professional cook or chef means the chance to create delicious meals; it can also involve long hours, a stressful work environment and a lot of hard work. There are two ways to get in... Read More »