My boyfriend has smoked weed for 5 yrs since he was 14. He has quit now. Should he still be able to have kids?

Answer My husband has smoked it SINCE he was 15. He's 40 and we have three, healthy kids. 14, 11, and 3 years old. (he doesn't smoke much now, and not around the kids at all, in case you were wondering.I'... Read More »

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I smoked about 1.1 grams of weed over a 9 day period. I haven't smoked in 5 days. Am I good to pass a UA test?

No absolutely not. Don't listen to anyone who says you can dilute or drink cranberry juice, it will stay in your system, period. Just stop smoking, it's not worth the trouble? I've figured out..

If you quit smoking will your lungs ever return to how they where before you smoked?

My dad after 20 years of smoking packed in & he always said he felt a lot healthier & could breath better.

I smoked weed what should i do!?

You won't be drug tested at your interview. Relax.You should stop smoking it though.

Help i smoked way too much weed?

Your peanut butter tastes like ice cream and you thought the pillow was the cat. LOL!!!!!!!!! Holy crap man. First, I would ask your friends if they laced the weed with anything. Second, if the... Read More »