My boyfriend has not been to the dentist for over 20 years. How bad is this?

Answer OH, ewwwww! You're going to have to be blunt about this.

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Your sister is 14 years old and she might be pregnant by her boyfriend that is 19 years old and you live in illnois what is the law here?

Answer The law in Illinois states that while the mother is still in control of her body and her choices for herself and her child, your parents can still press charges against the boyfriend for St... Read More »

14 years old and haven't been to the dentist in 3 years?

There's no need to be scared! Dentists are doctors and like any doctor can't go around sharing his patients' private info. It is extremely important to have your nan take you to the dentist while y... Read More »

How to Tell Your Boyfriend He Needs to See a Dentist?

Your boyfriend has bad breath, oral problems or even non-white teeth? This article is written to help you telling him, " baby, you have to see a dentist", just follow these instructions and you'll ... Read More »

What happens if you don't go to the dentist for 7 years?

well your teeth will stay the same unless you don't brush! Brushing is very important and going to the dentist is too. Don't worry i know someone who is 11 she has never been to the dentist. hope i... Read More »