My boyfriend has leukemia and I keep going days without talking to him thinking he is dead. Is this wrong?

Answer Think about if you were the one diagnosed with something life threatening. Wouldn't you want all the support you could get? You shouldn't rely on word of mouth from other people to know if your boy... Read More »

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If i had leukemia would i not feel better from the flu in 2 days?

If you had leukemia NONE of your symptoms would disappear. You do NOT have Leukemia. Not even close to it. It is simply a viral infection, and it is going around. No, ibuprofen is not the cause of ... Read More »

If you only get your period for 2 and a half days what is ushually 5-6 days long what could be wrong?

AnswerNo not likely. Your body was probably reacting to some sort of change, however slight. Could have been stress, change in eating, sleep or lack of and sort of thing. If your overall health is ... Read More »

My baby boy is 2 and is not talking could something be wrong?

Something could be wrong. We don't know for sure. He could have autism.

How do I find out who my boyfriend is talking to on the phone?

Direct ApproachAsk your boyfriend to determine who he is talking with on the phone.Indirect ApproachWrite down the time and date of the call. Look in your boyfriend's mobile phone log for the numbe... Read More »