My boyfriend has leukemia and I keep going days without talking to him thinking he is dead. Is this wrong?

Answer Think about if you were the one diagnosed with something life threatening. Wouldn't you want all the support you could get? You shouldn't rely on word of mouth from other people to know if your boy... Read More »

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You are 13 weeks pregnant but keep thinking something is wrong IS THIS NORMAL?

then check with ur partner if you love him it might be that you dont love him ??????

Do you ever have one of those days nothing is going wrong but its not going right either?

Yes i do.i call such days " yahoo days ", when i decide NOT to go out as a normal human at the weekend and site all the day long asking and answering question.

Thinking of going Vegan, does anyone know how I can keep my Iron level up?

Iron-needed for the production of blood cells and transporting oxygen.: green leafy vegetables, beans and lentils, tofu, pumpkin seeds, figs, dried apricots and dates. Avoid taking supplements it i... Read More »

Why Does My Car Battery Keep Going Dead?

An IQ, or intelligence quotient, test was first created by Alfred Binet in 1904. The French government wanted a method of identifying normal students and those who needed to be placed in special sc... Read More »