My boyfriend has a bad back ache, what are the best ways to releive the pain?

Answer A massage.

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How do you get rid of a headache a back pain and a stomach ache?

To get rid of a headache,you must get a 15 minute nap with your head on a soft pillow/cushion,and also drink water,apple juice orange juice,etc,something healthy to drink.and after your nap just ke... Read More »

Anyone got any good pain relief for back ache?

Had similar after 2nd child. GP recommended very strong painkillers which meant I moved normally 'cos when you have backache you don't! It gave back time to heal bacause I wasn't trying to either ... Read More »

Could I be in labour as I have had back ache and stomach pain all night?

What is the best medicine treatment for back ache?

Im afraid very few medications in the world provide treatment. Medications are used to remove symptoms most of the time, not treat the problem. For example, you body hurts for a reason. Simply remo... Read More »