My boyfriend dumped me after I gained 30 lbs. How should I lose em?

Answer Run everyday, and look up training exercises on google, but I think you should loose him, if he really loved you why didn't he like you for WHO you are?

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How to Deal With Getting Dumped by a Boyfriend?

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Im 15 and your boyfriend hit me and then i dumped him now he won't leave me alone and he wont stop calling me what should you do he is 18?

Immediately tell your parents or another trusted adult and then call the police to report the incident.Do not hesitate to report this incident. It is a crime to assault another person. If not for y... Read More »

How can I help my wife to lose weight She's always been thin but in the last year she has gained.?

Ooh.. Women and weight, touchy subject. If she's gaining that fast it's not normal, especially with what you said her diet consists of. Something most doctors don't check for these days, and it's a... Read More »

How to Lose Your Boyfriend in 10 Minutes?

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