My bottom left side of my throat hurts when i swallow is it bad?

Answer It's not lung cancer, but I don't know what you mean when you say my bottom left side. Are you talking about the bottom of the esophagus, left outside side of your neck? I can only guess that it's ... Read More »

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My throat hurts when i swallow?

Use an antiseptic mouthwash and drink something warm.

My throat hurts when i swallow..?

Your throat will get better, but for now drink water and eat food. Not food with hard edges but soft-ish food, but not yet a drink. Your throat will be back to normal in a few days, dont worry!Answ... Read More »

Throat hurts when I swallow?

If you go to your pharmacy you can buy linctus for sore throats,but, I suggest that you drink plenty of hot lemon squash with a spoonful of honey added as this will soothe your throat...........

My throat hurts when I swallow.........home remedies?

No dairy!Hot water with lemon. Sip slowlyNo talkingTylenol Pm for the pain and for the rest you need to get better