My boss has the worst F'n breath in the whole world. It smells like vomit.?

Answer LOL!! LOL!! LOL!! You're so cute. I would by him some Listerine, toothpaste, toothbrush, gum, mints, floss and some mouth spray....pack it up in a nice manly box and anonymously put it on his d... Read More »

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How to Remove Vomit Smells From Car Upholstery?

Not everyone travels well, so if someone recently vomited in your car, it can leave behind an embarrassingly unpleasant smell. Once vomit gets onto upholstery, the odor becomes trapped in the fiber... Read More »

My breath really smells.?

It could be something that you're eating, bread, rice, whole grains...etc.. or it could mean that you might have a tape worm. That's what happened to my fiance, He brushes his teeth every day and s... Read More »

My breath smells really bad help please.?

This is definitly not they problem. Some helpfull myths about breath: Bad breath can be avoided by brushing and flossing regularly. True. This is a very simple yet very effective way to get rid of ... Read More »

My friends breath smells.?

why you blowin yo stank breff all in my face?