My booking Eticket,im unable to print it off,but cant save it?

Answer Call the airline and ask for assistance.

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How did a website manage to save in my favourites without me booking it?

If you have ever downloaded something and just clicked 'yes' on the terms and conditions (we've all done this) than sometimes it will say something along the lines of "by clicking accept you agree ... Read More »

Unable to save files, when I do it crashes?

i tHInks its problem of the windowsi think you must have to install new OS in your laptop/pcbest of luck :P

How do I change a print spooler from save to memory to print?

Access Printer PropertiesGo to the Start Menu. Open "Control Panel." Open "Printers." Right-click on the printer icon and select "Properties" from the menu.Adjust OptionsClick the "Advanced" tab. L... Read More »

Unable to print auto shape border in Word 2003?

Try printing to regular paper and not use a template to see what happens.Also, try printing to a different printer if you have one available.Save the MS-Word document and try it on another computer... Read More »