My boobs are huge, when do they stop?

Answer Hello,There are different stages of breast development in girls which show how the breast grows. The whole process is the part of puberty. As the age of a girl increases, she gets near to the age o... Read More »

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My boobs aren't huge but i have stretch marks help! how do i get rid of them?

That's totally doable. I lost 80 pounds in 7 months and here's what i did:Food:it is absolutely vital before anything else that you do NOT break this rule: drink between 64 and 120 ounces of ICE CO... Read More »

Why do babies stop breathing when they cry?

babies lungs are small so when they cry they are letting out air, allowing them to not breathe while crying .

When did they stop making the HP 750C?

Hewlett-Packard still makes and distributes their HP Designjet 750C printer. This particular HP model allows users to print materials related to computer design fields and architecture, in addition... Read More »

How to Stop Pitbulls When They Are Fighting?

You must use extreme caution if you attempt to break up a dog fight, especially when the dogs are pitbulls. While generally good-natured dogs, pitbulls are known for being aggressive fighters and a... Read More »