My bones are always clicking?

Answer Same with my bones they click, eat cod liver oil it's disgusting but works :)

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I'm 13 and my bones always crack!?

In the joints of the body there is a fluid (can't quite remember the name) but basically it's lack of fluid in joints, so when you use your joints, like kneeling down or anything else the bones end... Read More »

Why do my astras hazards keep clicking when the ignition is off and when the ignition is on there is a clicking sound?

No, he was a sergeant in the Air Force.Source:

What is the name of Temperance Bones Brennan's first book mentioned on Bones?

the book is called bred in the bone and it first appeared in the pilot episode

Why are chicken bones different from human bones?

The chicken and human skeletal systems are surprisingly similar. Many of the bones are in the same locations and share the same names. However, there are a number of important differences. Chickens... Read More »