My boiler is not working all lights just went off wont come on tryed the fuse still not working no mains light?

Answer Did you try a replacement fuse, Boilers are normally fused 3A (red) Go to your Consumer Unit/ Fuse box and check no breakers have tripped, or fuses blown. If any have, re-instate them, or repair if... Read More »

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The Brake Light Bulb is Not Working with the Lights On?

As everyday wear and tear affects your car, you're bound to run into some brake light problems. If it's not caused by an accident, the problem could be in the circuitry or in the bulbs themselves. ... Read More »

Can i test if my tv is working without replacing the fuse?

The other answers are correct as the fuse went for a reason and ceramic is for heat reasons,you can use any fuse with same size amps etc.At least for testing purposes.You don't provide the model or... Read More »

How to Fix an Odometer Fuse That's Not Working on a Pontiac G6?

The Pontiac G6 contains three fuse panels. There is a fuse panel beneath the hood and two in the passenger compartment. If the odometer and other instrument cluster objects have stopped responding,... Read More »

How to Change the Fuse: The Lighter Is Not Working on My 2000 Ford Focus Car?

The Focus is a small automobile equipped with a front-mounted engine and a front-drive system; it was first introduced in North America as a 2000 model by Ford Motor Co. The transverse-mounted, fou... Read More »