My body cracks in many places?

Answer why is there poop in my toilet?

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Where are the best places on the body to get a tattoo?

Somewhere if you wanted to hide it, you could. I would say, your back, your foot, your torso, or your neck (even though that's hard to hide sometimes.)Nothing on your arms! Way to obvious!Good luck :)

Places to hide a body?

Go o new york. Got on west walnut street. Go down to the subway where you will find a man playing the violin. Ask him "what came first the chicken or the egg?" he will give you a five digit code go... Read More »

What "certified" Chicago places do "waxing" of the body?

How to Remove Hair From Sensitive Places On a Woman's Body?

It can be tricky to remove hair from sensitive places on a woman's body like the bikini area and underarms. These areas are very sensitive to pain and hair removal can often be a painful procedure.... Read More »