My bf just got a facebook, should i be worried?

Answer I think you are a little bit over-worked. It's fine, don't worry, if he wanted to talk to someone random, I think he would have to add them first. I don't use Facebook, but I do know it's much safe... Read More »

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My TV just gave a loud bang! Should I be worried?

My guess would be that the EHT arced over from the eht lead or possible the eht transformer . This can happen on humid or rainy days especially if there is an accumulation of dust etc around the eh... Read More »

I have just gotten a clear bump on my face should I be worried?

I think you should go to the doctor.Discover additional info and products from my blog regarding Clogged Pores.

Is this just anxiety or should I be worried that it's something more serious?

Nothing is wrong with you, just do physical & maintain healthy life style. Reduce weight & keep your self busy.

I just ended my period two days ago but then i had unprotected sex, should i be worried about getting pregnant?

Yes, this happened with me and my girl once, came here, read up on other sources and deemed it unwise for her not to take a Plan B if we weren't ready for a pregnancy.Given the average period(bleed... Read More »