My bf just got a facebook, should i be worried?

Answer I think you are a little bit over-worked. It's fine, don't worry, if he wanted to talk to someone random, I think he would have to add them first. I don't use Facebook, but I do know it's much safe... Read More »

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I'm worried about my dad!?

Don't worry too much- he probably just caught an upper respiratory infection a few months ago. The resulting cough from those kinds of infections can linger for months after the other symptoms hav... Read More »

Really Worried, Help!?

Hello! I suggest you don't use the internet to self diagnose issues. Talk to your parents, and a doctor. Seriously. Good Luck!

I am really worried?

Please don`t worry about the HIV. I have HIV and know a lot about this subject. The only way you could catch HIV from a razor is if it was used less than 5Min's before you did and if the person had... Read More »

Do have a DVT. I'm worried?

Without knowing more details it's hard to say it could be muscle fatigue, dehydration, muscle spasms, torn ligaments have injured the area recently or exerted yourself ? .. DVT is characterised by ... Read More »