My best friend tells me to stop sending her forwards?

Answer Take her off your contact list and stop sending them to her and apologize and tell her you took her off...she'll be relieved.

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How to i STOP face book sending me a mail every time somebody, comments, likes, wants to be my friend.... etc.?

Update your notifications settings as described in the link below

If your mom tells you she wants you to be her friend even though she's your mom too does that mean that she would be there for you if you got pregnant?

AnswerThat question is impossible for a stranger to answer. Everybody is different. You know your mother better than anyone else could, and are far better able to make such a judgment than someone ... Read More »

How to Deal if Your Friend Tells Your Crush You Like Him?

Let's say your friend goes and tells the whole school you like the cutest boy in school. Here's a How-to on how to deal with this situation! Note that this can be used if you're a guy, too, if you ... Read More »

How do you stop a firm sending you Emails showing their products, when you have requested them to stop.?

You can either use the unsubscribe feature on each commercial website or you can designate that email as Spam and it will go to your Bulk Mail folder. Then once a week or so, you can purge it.