My best friend is coming to visit and I'd like to stock up on food & drink?

Answer i thought i wasn't allowed to bring Tapatio! don't try and play the good host when you said "no tapatio on my food" rrrrI aint no spongebob im royalty like Brian said....geesh

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Me and my friend are going to Chicago next week. Where to visit for food?

Gene and Jude's hot dogs. When going to Chicago do not be put off by the front of a building. Go in and eat! Dives and hole-in-the-walls in Chicago are the way to go!

My mom is coming to visit me, how do I get the smoke smell out?

ok i am a pro for this clean your house spotless use clorox bleach cleaner for your sinks and for the bathroom and counter tops, mop your floor with lysol cleaner. after the house is totally clean... Read More »

Would this be good for my family coming to visit?

Do you need a visa to visit Israel& Jordan coming from America?

As of July 2010, Americans do not technically need a visa to enter Israel; Israeli customs stamps your passport with a stamp that acts as a valid tourist visa for three months. Americans do need a ... Read More »