My best drinks and smokes she only 12?

Answer 12? ...I don't know if you can help her, Seeing as her own mom buys these things for her, Your friend is probably around bad influences for friends, Just talk to her about it, and tell her you're n... Read More »

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My boyfriend smokes really bad and drinks vodka every day. can he have kids still?

Technically he could - Realistically and morally he shouldn't - not until he sorts his habits out !!!

My brother smokes cigarette,smokes week,does yaba,heroin!!!!! Help!!!!?

Disregard cigarettes and weed. Those can help with coming off of H (no matter what the rehab bitches say). I think yaba is slang for meth in south africa or something? Get him off the meth first (w... Read More »

An official meeting attended 130 requirement employees, of them 66 drinks tea, 56 drinks coffee,63 drinks juic?

Ready to rate more foods/drinks From a rating of 1-10 how do you grade the food/drinks from this list?

1) Celery -7. I like vegetables.2) Buffalo Wings. -8, YUMM!3) Texas Burger((Burger with Cheese & a Fried Egg.) -Well, I don't like cheese or fried eggs, so 4.4) Onion Rings. -Don't like them, 2.5) ... Read More »