My bed is covered in ants and it really hurts when they sting me what do I do?

Answer Try getting all new clean sheets and also spraying bug spray around the bed.i don't know if this is a joke or not but if it isn't that's what you should do. Hope I was of help and if they are in th... Read More »

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Bee sting or Wasp sting which hurts more?

The interesting thing is that bee and wasp stings are completely opposite. Bee stings are acidic, and thus can be neutralised with an alkali, whereas wasps are alkali and can be neutralised with an... Read More »

Do black ants sting?

Little black ants, which are found in lawns and on rotten wood, feed on honeydew and prey on insects. They do not have the ability to bite or to sting.Source:Texas Agricultural Extension Service: H... Read More »

Do wasps sting ants?

Wasps are known to attack and kill ants. As predators, wasps will frequently steal food from ants or take food near anthills, and are known to defend their territory from ants. Wasps are capable of... Read More »

Quick! home remedy for a bee sting please! made baking soda paste already sting is on foot?

From a pharmacist...the tobacco and mud solutions hold water. I assume you have already done this. It is time for Benadryl...capusles, not the topical. Don't drive.Feel better!