My beats tour wont go in my ear properly?

Answer The following is generally the best way to put in earphones. 1: Take your right hand and put it over your head and grab the top of your left ear. (When you pull up it will open up the ear canal and... Read More »

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Only one side of my beats by dre tour earbuds works?

Are Beats Tour earphones worth the price?

No, go with the Vsonic GR07, which is the best option in that price range. Beats are a marketing scam; They have terrible sound and durability and are worth about 1/8 of the asking price.

Minecraft wont work properly?

Really odd. Might be just the current version of minecraft being laggy. There is a mod that helps with that issue. Forgot what its called its like opti- ...something.

Ive just had a nap but when i woke up my left eye wont focus properly?

probaly cuz your left eye was against the pillow all night and it had the pressure of your whole head on it. just wait a while and your vision will come back