My back is killing me?

Answer go for a long walk to ease out the kink in your back. rest is the last thing you should do.Do not waste your money going to a doctor. the doctor will only drug you up. having drugs/meds in your sy... Read More »

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My back is killing me!?

Lower back is killing me....?

Hi there: You need to drink more fluid. it could be a kidney problem also. Drink lots of cranberry juice it will help. if that fails then get a hot bath and add some Epsom's salts. This will relax... Read More »


Hey spiderman cool name. Best thing to do for now is find a loved one mom dad sister whatever someone of normal human strength and have them rub oil on it and work those muscles like waxing a car. ... Read More »

Can I Cut My Boxwood Shrubs Back 2 or 3 Feet Without Killing Them?

Ornamental boxwood shrubs are generally used to create barriers along walkways, pathways and similar fixtures in a landscape, and their box shape and evergreen leaves make them easy to pick out amo... Read More »