My back hurts why does it hurt and how can I get rid of the pain?

Answer Where do you get that back pain? Try to have a massage. That will relieve you from your back pain.

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I have a pain left side upper back just below my neck. I havn't hurt it in anyway even when i breathe it hurts?

Its just about sleeping problem you have taken the pillow below your head makes your head enough height with the body. It will be heal automatically if not than consult the Doctor

Lower back pain hurts to move message does not help going on for 6 days now?

Marion, I am going to ask you to do a series of exercises that may not seem to be related to your back but they will help you. First sitting in a straight chair turn your head to the left as far a... Read More »

Okay I hurt my back somehow and it hurts really bad! what should I do?

Lower back pain. Hurts when any pressure is applied.?

about a week and you should be fine and be careful next time